The story behind GeMMs & Co.

A London based family business. GeMMs & Co. was created by Jewish founders Mushky and Mendel Bensusan, a brother and sister duo who have a passion for business. To make the brand personal to them they included their initials ‘MM’ in GeMMs & Co. Mushky has a love for photography as well as fine jewellery - Mushky has played a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity of the brand. Her keen eye and artistic flair shine through in all the captivating imagery that graces the GeMMs & Co. website. having worked as a specialist at London’s diamond exchange. Mendel at the age of 27 is the CEO of Hampshire Heights and brings a wealth of business and sales experience.

The beginnings of GeMMs & Co.

The idea of starting GeMMs & Co. began when Mushky was frustrated with jewellery retailers
selling poor quality pieces that wouldn’t stand the test of time, despite claims that they would!
She knew the jewellery was very over priced ,even from the big label brands. It then became her mission to offer beautiful, elegant jewellery that was both affordable and high quality.

We launched our online store in June 2023, offering a stunning collection of demi-fine jewellery. Every piece is made from 925
sterling silver and 9ct gold which makes them durable and waterproof. Our collections offer a range of classic and modern styles to invest in and cherish forever.

Affordable Luxury

We are committed to providing excellent service through helpful advice, high quality products and affordable prices.

Feel Beautiful

We believe everyone should feel beautiful. Our jewellery is designed to enhance natural beauty and elegance.

The GeMMs & Co. Brand

As a demi-fine jewellery brand, we strive to deliver quality and affordability that makes you feel beautiful!.

secret santa gift bag with silver jewellery

We Spark Joy!

We aim to excite and delight, from the moment you shop to each time you wear our jewellery.

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